The term Christian is a fallen term cheapened by common usage. The term is used to describe that which is coldly ritualistic and also that which is nothing more than heated emotionalism. It seems that anybody, good, bad or indifferent has used this term without a clue of the depths upon which it was formed. Some claim this title simply because they are members of a church while others because they have had a conversion experience. However, the great test of being a Christian comes in what others think of our witness. When they see our lives, do they also see the evidence of Christ? An article was posted recently regarding the definition of a Christian which I thought was worth sharing:

“A Christian is born of God, engrafted into Christ, and an habitation for the Holy Ghost. His name is renewed, his mind illumined, his spirit changed.

He is not what he was, for grace hath made a difference; he is not what he desires to be, for grace is not yet perfected; he is not what he shall be, for grace shall be consummated in glory.

The knowledge of Christ is his treasure; the mind of Christ is evidence; the love of Christ his song; conformity to Christ his life; to be with Christ his permanent desire.

By faith he rests on Christ, receives Christ, and looks to Christ. He heareth Christ’s words, treadeth in Christ’s steps. And seeketh Christ’s approbation.

He speaks the language of the Savior’s Kingdom, reveres the Savior’s statues and laws, obeys His ordinances, wears His costume, and lives His glory.

The life of Christ within him is the principle of his being, and because Christ ever lives, he shall live also. In the Christian, Christ lives, and speaks, and acts.

He is Christ’s representative on earth. His witness before men, and His follower before God. The Christian hearkens to Christ’s teachings, rest on Christ’s sacrifice, avails himself of Christ’s meditation, and cheerfully obeys Christ’s royal laws. He inquires what would Christ have me to know, what to do, and what to enjoy.

To know Christ, is Christianity intellectual; to obey Christ, Christianity practical; to enjoy Christ, Christianity perfected. As bread to the hungry, as water to the thirsty, as the rock in the sultry day, is Christ to the Christian.

The Christian is in the world, but not of it; among the world, but now yet separate from it; passing through the world, without attachment to it.

The Christian is a man and may err, an imperfect man, and may sin; but a renewed man, and shall have his fruits unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

The Christian is a warrior, and must fight; but he is conqueror, and must prevail. The Christian sojourns on earth, but dwells in heaven, a pilgrim in the desert, but an enrolled denizen of the skies.

The Christian is the impress of Christ, the reflection of the Father, and the temple of the Holy Ghost.”                                                                                                                                                 (Author unknown)

I do hope that this definition of a Christian is reflective of the light which we shine in this dark and dreary world.                  Elder Al Ware